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madeforspace is a professional web design and development agency from London who are based in Spain. Our clients are a mix of small businesses who want to build an affordable website and larger companies who are looking for a skilled publishing studio. We are an experienced team who can deliver the editorial, visual and technical elements required to launch a successful website with social media channels.

Web Design

From a simple basic website design to a complex feature-rich mobile-first layout, we provide a wide range of design options that will suit you - from affordable themes and templates to hand-coded bespoke design.

Website Content

Publishing is what we do best. The content of a website combined with its presentation, navigation, accessibility and speed is what creates a pleasurable viewing experience for a visitor. This is what we deliver.


Do you want to sell your products or services online? We can help you to create and organise an online shop selling anything from a single service to thousands of products. With our support you will enjoy the experience.

Content Management System

You should have full control over your website content. If you want to edit or update pages on your site or add articles on a regular basis we can provide you with the simple front-end editing tools to achieve your goals.

Search Engine Optimisation

The world of SEO and content marketing is becoming progressively more sophisticated. We can help you analyse your visitor statistics so that you can focus your energy and budget on ways to improve your ranking.

Marketing & Communication

We can help you set up your social media pages, create email campaigns and schedule article publication dates. This technical and time consuming area of online marketing won't be a problem with our support.

"After such a positive and wonderful experience working with them, I will definitely being using madeforspace again and recommending them to anyone that needs a website." Kerry Sykes

"They made the technical journey of building a website into something enjoyable, creative and fun. We are thrilled with the results." Annabel Bunch & Annabel Jefferson

"Being a designer I had strong views about how I wanted the site to look, Jo and Alex listened patiently and worked with me taking on board any comments I had. They have built a fantastic website which works not only visually but navigates effortlessly. My website is my shop window and constant feed back from my clients tells me they have got it right." Rachel Trevor-Morgan

"As an artist I have a pretty clear idea about how I want things to look so it's very important to me that the design is a co-operative process. Jo has all the programming skills to facilitate this and the eye of an editor for consistency and structure. Together with Alex who brings an extra skill set to the table they make a great team." David Piddock

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