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Alex Hutchinson

Alex spent fifteen years in telecommunications, specifically in projects where he was responsible for designing and implementing network infrastructures for tier one carriers. This involved working closely with corporate customers to develop technical solutions and providing in-depth technical training to engineering and sales staff.

Alex is an active member of the Concrete5 community and regularly contributes to the Concrete5 forums. Publishing credits include Technical Reviewer for the Beginners Guide to Concrete5.

His technical knowledge and corporate training experience means that Alex is as comfortable communicating in laymans terms with clients as he is in techno-geek with software programmers. 

Alex is a Londoner born and bred and spent his childhood playing in Battersea park with his older brothers. 'I'm a Chelsea fan just like Papa' is his daughter's mantra.

He enjoys being by the sea (long winter walks on the beach rather than swimming with fish in the summer) and making log fires for the girls when its cold outside.

Email Alex(at)MadeForSpace.com

Jo Hutchinson

Jo spent fifteen years in publishing mostly in freelance and consultancy roles. She has always combined her love of the creative publishing process with a passion for clarity, structure and organisation.

It was during a complex software project for HarperCollins that Jo identified that she could successfully combine her publishing skills with her programming skills to create websites. She is a big fan of concrete5 and loves writing clean and concise CSS. 

She also enjoys short term contracts. Recent work includes projects at Westerlands Stud, merchandise buyer for Gumtree's 10th anniversay and production manager at Blackwoods Distillers.

Jo was born and raised in Africa (as well as attending boarding school in Cumbria). Her travels took her to Hong Kong where she worked as Editorial Director for Action Asia Magazine and New York where she was a publishing consultant at Vivre Catalogue.

She enjoys collecting driftwood and shells on the beach with Emily and sightseeing with Alex in London.

Email Jo(at)MadeForSpace.com

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