Based in London, Annabel is a bespoke home PA service which brings order and calm to their clients' busy lives.

Founded by Annabel Bunch and Annabel Jefferson, the business is a hard working partnership driven by integrity and a passion to do the best possible job. Professionalism and discretion are their utmost priority and responsibilities that they take very seriously. With a history of working together over the past 20 years, they have combined forces and strengths to make an unbeatable team. 

Annabel has been our client since we launched their first website in 2013.


"Alex and Jo at madeforspace have made the technical journey of building a website into something enjoyable, creative and fun. With their down to earth and enthusiastic approach, they have listened to our ideas and patiently answered our questions and we are thrilled with the results. We have a stylish and professional website which serves as a wonderful platform for the launch of our business."

Annabel Bunch & Annabel Jefferson


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