art of the fresco

art of the fresco

Based at her studio in London, Alexandra Walker makes copies of ancient masterpieces created in the authentic technique of buon fresco.

She chose the technique of fresco because it is one of the earliest and most durable forms of painting. It's enduring quality meant that paintings in Santorini and Pompeii survived devastating volcanic eruptions and can be seen in the 21st century with all the freshness that they must have exhibited when first painted.

We have enjoyed working with Alexandra since the launch of her website in 2006. Her second website, Alexandra Walker, created to showcase her work as an experienced restorer of grand masters, was launched in 2012.


"I cannot praise the MadeForSpace team more highly. They combine listening and trying to follow the requirements of their clients with attractive, innovative ideas for resolving problems. But perhaps what singles them out is their attention to detail. They are both absolute perfectionists.

I have now had a second website designed by them. That must be testimony to my satisfaction with the service they provide."

Alexandra Walker

Alexandra Walker

Art Restoration


Based in London, Alexandra Walker specialises in the restoration and of grand masters, particularly 15th century European easel paintings. Read more...

David Piddock



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