david piddock

david piddock

"There is something dreamlike about Piddock's rich and vibrant sense of colour... his paint achieves a remarkable luminosity, and a smoothness which suggests egg tempera. The colours tend towards the warmer end of the spectrum, as though everything, even the interiors, is bathed in that golden glow that sometimes spreads westward over the land just as the sun prepares to set."

John Russell Taylor, Art Critic, The Times

We love Dave's paintings and have worked with him since his first website in 2002 which he launched to support his private exhibition 'Gallery Pictures & Townscapes' at Gallery 27 in London.


"Jo has guided me all the way from the simplest of websites a decade ago to today's much more sophisticated offering. It has been a pleasure working with her throughout as she has great communication skills and and more importantly, in my case, infinite reserves of patience.

As an artist I have a pretty clear idea about how I want things to look so it's very important to me that the design is a co-operative process. She has all the programming skills to facilitate this and the eye of an editor for consistency and structure. Together with Alex who brings an extra skill set to the table they make a great team."

David Piddock

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